Short Kits

      The Douglas A-26 "Invader"

      Sport scale R/C model.


This short kit of the Invader is an awesome airplane.

Specs are awesome.

The short kit comes with all the laser cut parts in balsa wood, birch plywood, and poplar lie plywood.

S/K also will include 3 sheets of plans to work from.

Wingspan  --- 96 inches

Wing Area  ---  1000 sq inches

Wing Loading  ---  27.6 oz per sq foot

Length  ---  68.25 inches

    Weight  ---  11 to 14 pounds

                          Power  ---  (2).40 to .60 2 stroke engines

                                              (2) .48 to .70 4 stroke engines

           Radio  ---  5 or more channels

                           Retracts  ---  Most available off the shelf units

Scale  ------  1/8.75

Price for this awesome short kit is $229.00

                                                                                               SR-71 "Blackbird"


Length --------------- 107 inches

W/S ------------------ 55.5 inches

Weight -------------- 20 to 24 pounds

Powered by ------- twin EDF units or

                              nitro fans with .61 to.91 DF engines

Scale ---------------- 1/12

We just couldn't go without our signature kit, the SR-71 "Blackbird"
We have re-drawn all the parts on this bird, and they look awesome. And the laser makes them look even better.
We will be offering a short kit, as well as a few accessories for her.
Short kit will include all the laser cut parts, the canopy, and the plans. 
Scale type struts are available, and there is fiberglass package
with several parts layed up, to aide in assembling this awesome plane.

Short kit  -------------------  $299.95
Strut package  -------------  $97.95
 Decal package  ----------- $50.00

Fiberglass package ----- $195.95

                                                                                                           "Ultra Stick"

The Ultra Stick Lite is very popular. It was produced by Hangar 9 as an ARF, but, is no longer available from them.
Our short kit is cut, in house with our own 60 watt laser. All the balsa, birch ply,  and lite ply parts are included in the short kit.

Wingspan ----------- 78 inches
Power ---------------- .90 - 1.20 or equal Electric motor

                                                     Ultra Stick short kit is just $89.95


                                                                                                   "Das Ugly Stick"

The Ugly Stick is an all time favorite for a sport airplane, or a trainer. Our short kit is cut with our own 60 watt laser,
and includes all the balsa, birch ply and lite ply parts. We include the full sized plans

Wingspan is  ---------- 60 inches
Power is ---------------- .60 glo or Equal to that

                                                               Das Ugly Stick short kit is only $89.95


                                                                                                                 P-82   "Twin Mustang"

This is the P-82 "Twin Mustang" in a short kit form. Like all our short kits, it includes all the laser cut balsa, birch ply and lite ply parts.
We have the plans available, a pair of detailed canopies, for it. Designed by Art Johnson. The person who flew Betty Joe, in combat
Wingspan --------- 78 inches.
Power ------------- (2) .40 - .46 or equal
Scale  ------------ 1/7.8

                                                                                    Our P-82 "Twin Mustang" short kit is $129.95
                                We have the canopies and the fiberglass cowls available for $12.50 each.

                                                                                             A 1/10 scale F-4 "Phantom II"  ducted fan model


Our new F-4 "Phantom II" ducted fan short kit, is available, now.

It is a 1/10 scale semi-scale plane for .60 to .91 size  engines.'This short kit has all the laser cut wood parts included

Balsa, lite ply, and birch ply parts are all there.

Plans and detailed canopy are both included.

And, if you are interested in fiberglass exhaust nozzles, we have those available, too.

Wingspan ------------------- 44 1/4 inches

Length ----------------------- 62 1/2 inches

Power ------------------------ .60 - .91 DF glo engine

Fan --------------------------- Most any of the Available 5 inch Fans

Radio ------------------------ 4 - 6 Channel

Retracts --------------------- Most available units fit

                                                                                                    Price is just $ 89.95

                                                                               Fiberglass exhaust nozzles are $49.00 a pair.

                                                                    Fiberglass nose for the F-4 "C" or "D" model is  $29.95

                                                1/2A Fan Trainer


This little 1/2A  uses the .049 to .051 glo engines, and a 3 bladed prop for power. Just a fun plane. Has a 37 inch W/S so, can go anywhere with you, and not take up any room.

An electric version will be available, very soon. It is fun to fly, easy to build, and easy to afford.

The canopy is available for it, also.

This Fan Trainer short kit is only $49.95

Canopy is is just $12.00

                                                                                                                 CAP 20L Aerobatic airplane

 The CAP 20L. A very well known aerobatic competition contender. Like all of our short kits, it will include all the laser cut wood. As well as a set of plans.



Wingspan ---------------- 53 inches

Power  -------------------- .25 to .32 2 cycle glo engine or equal

                                                                                            The short kit price is $69.95.

                                                                                        CAP 231, another aerobatic champion

 The CAP 231. Another aerobatic champion.


         Type Model RC Scale Sport Civil.
         Wingspan  -------------72in. Low wing.
         Engine --------------- Glow .90 - 1.20
         Control ----------- 4 channels.
         Designer Mark Sirianni.

                                                           This  CAP 231 short kit price is $89.95

                                                                                                PBY-5 Catalina Float Plane


                                                                                 This PBY-5 Catalina

                                                                                        Is cut with our own 60 watt laser.

                                                                          The plane features a 3 piece wing, for easier transporting.

Wingspan ------------ 72 inches

Length ----------------

Power  ---------------- (2) .30 to .45

Radio ----------------- 4 to 6 channel



                                            The short kit for this awesome float plane is priced at only



 Made in USA