Laser Cut Products


These wing rib jigs are just what you need, to hold those ribs straight, and free up your hands to glue with. Sold in sets of ten (10)
they are available in plywood, or in acrylic plastic.

     I will now have hangers for the jigs, so that can be put out of the way.

                                                     The prices for the set of ten (10) jigs are ;
                                                     Small acrylic wing rib jigs are --------------- $12.95
                                                     Small plywood wing rib jig  -----------------   $ 9.95
                                                     Medium size acrylic jigs are  ---------------  $16.95
                                                     Medium plywood jigs are --------------------- $12.95
                                                     Giant jigs in acrylic are ------------------------$ 23.95
                                                     Giant plywood jigs are ------------------------- $17.95
                                                  All rib jig sets will include the hanging storage rack.                                                       



                               $15.95                                                       $12.95                                                       $17.95
                       $15.95                                                                  $15.95                                                        $12.95                  
We have several sizes and shapes of glue caddy's, and paint holders, and organizers. We cut those out of plywood and out of acrylic plastic.We can make them in a 3.5 inch by 9 inch, size, and a 3.5 inch by 18 inch, with your choice of hole sizes and configurations.Others will be available soon.

                                 Prices for the glue caddies start at -------$ 9.95



Here is an inexpensive way to help eliminate the fatigue in those arms, while flying those long flights.
The transmitter tray is made from 1/8" acrylic plastic, and uses a woven strap for support, which is included.

Price is just ------------ $19.95


Here is a handy little tool to use, to check the thickness of wood. Can also gauge the thickness of plastic, wire, glass, and most anything
you need to know the thickness of.

                                                            This little jewel is just $1.99




Have you ever started to do a covering job on a nice plane, that will need several colors to make it really stand out? Then realize you don't have enough room on your bench to work with several rolls of film all at one time.
Now you can have 3 rolls on the bench at one time, and not take any more than one roll.
And free your hands to work with. No covering rolling off the bench, right when you need that exacto knife or scissors to cut that film.
You can get the two brackets, that hold any brand of covering, in any length. They come with mounting holes and screws, and can be mounted on the bench, or on the wall, or made to be mobile at any 1/8" acrylic plastic or 1/8" plywood
Etching a name or shop name, can be done, and for free. (E-mail and Pay Pal)

                            Iron on Film Holder/Organizer ---- Just $9.95 for 1/8" Plywood, or  $12.95 for 1/8" Acrylic Plastic

 Made in USA