Airplane Kits


This is a new kit we are going to produce.

We are making the plug now for the molds, now.

It will have a wingspan of 60 inches, and a length of 85 inches.

Will be powered by a couple of small turbines, or twin 120 to 127 mm, EDF units.


Here are a couple shots of the beginning of the plug and mold making process.

Stay tuned, and watch the progress as it un-folds here.

The fuselage will have the formers, fan mounts, and nose gear mounts, and  full flying stab hardware already installed.

Fuselage will be a two piece unit, for ease of storage, and transporting.

Any one who wants to get one on order, we are taking pre-production deposits, now.

So, get in line, and get yours ordered, now.

Price is going to be

For more info, check with me at



Fun Fly Express


Our newest plane in our line-up, is a sport profile plane, the "Fun Fly Express".

An easy to build, and easy to fly plane with a symetrical airfoil wing, for great inverted flying and aerobatics.

Easy to transport, due to it's compact size. Just put in the back set of your car, van, or in the bed of your truck, and go flying..

Wingspan -------------------------------- 40 inches

Wing Area ------------------------------- 660 sq. inches

Power ------------------------------------ .25 to .60 glo engine (an electric version comming soon)

Radio ------------------------------------- 4 channel

This super little airplane kit is only priced at;

                                                                                                         The "Buzzard"

This is our own design "Buzzard", an electric powered sailplane kit. It features all laser cut parts, and full size building plans.
Wingspan ---------- 60 inches
Flies with a 2212 to 2216 electric motor.

  The "Buzzard" kit sells for just




A powered glider that be fitted with a 1/2A engine or a 2212-2214 electric motor for power.

This plane has a 48 inch W/S with 230 sq in of wing area, and a length of 28 inches

and weighs in at 9-11 ounces..

The "Nomad" is only


 Made in USA