Airplane Kits

                                                                                                                   F-86 "Sabre" Jet

 Our 62 inch F-86 kit. 
We produce a fiberglass kit, that uses balsa sheeted foam cores for the wing, stab, and fin. Features laser cut balsa and plywood parts,
full size CAD plans, and clear canopy. We also produce a set of wing tanks for our Sabre.
A new cockpit kit will be available very soon.
Wingspan  ----------------  61 inches
Length  --------------------  61 inches
Weight   -------------------  7 to 9 pounds
Powered by -------------- 120mm EDF unit, with appropriate
                                      motor and ESC

Our F-86 "Sabre" jet sells for --------- $499.99
Wing tanks are  --------------------------------- $99.99 (pair)
Cockpit kits  ------------------- (TBA)
Deluxe cockpit, painted and assembled,
with a full pilot figure ready to drop in.


                                                                                                         The "Buzzard"

This is our own design "Buzzard", an electric powered sailplane kit. It features all laser cut parts, and full size building plans.
Wingspan ---------- 60 inches
Flies with a 2212 to 2216 electric motor.

                                                                                    The "Buzzard" kit sells for just $59.95




A powered glider that be fitted with a 1/2A engine or a 2212-2214 electric motor for power.

This plane has a 48 inch W/S with 230 sq in of wing area, and a length of 28 inches

and weighs in at 9-11 ounces..

                                                                                The "Nomad" is only $49.99

                                                                        The "Bird of Time"


                                                                     This is a 2 meter W/S glider, with 609 sq in of wing area.

                                                                     Has a length of 39.88 inches, and a weight of 25 ounces.

                                                                    The  kit will include all the laser cut wood parts needed, all

                                                                    stick and sheet wood, basic hardware package,  and a set

                                                                                              of full sized plans.

                                                                                       A short kit kit is available, too.

                                                                  Price for the "Bird of Time" is only $89.95

 Made in USA