Laser Cut Short Kits


The 78 inch wingspan, Ultra Stick Lite is a long time favorite of many flying modelers. It was discontinued by Hangar 9.
We have brought it back as a short kit that has all the balsa wood, birch plywood, and poplar lite ply parts
laser cut with our own laser.
The plane can use a 1.08 to a 1.50 CI 2 cycle engine,
or a 1.00 to a 1.80 CI 4 cycle,
a 25cc size gas engine,

I also have new landing gear for this plane, available.


                                 This Ultra Stick Lite is new build from customer Jeff Millman in Baltimore, MD
                                 It is powered by a Valley View R/C, 40cc twin  engine. running on gasoline
                                 With a  20 x 8  prop. And is controlled by a  Spectrum DX9 10 channel radio, and 8 HiTech
                                 metal geared digital servos. Finish is transparent red Monokote, with custom
                                 scalllops designed, and applied by Buzz at Sunset Models.


 This is a model made by Hugh Pearl

 from Sleepy Hollow, Illinois.

Hugh's power system is a Rimfire 1.20

with Xoar 16x8 prop. Two 6S-5000 mAh

 batteries in parallel. Castle 100 Amp ESC

 and Hitec HS-645 servos.

The 1.20 Ultra Stick has been flown,

 and was solid as a rock

in the air, with no bad habits.

Good job, and a huge thank you,

 from us at Sunset Models



This is our newest laser cut short kit.. It includes all the wood parts of all sizes of balsa wood, lite plywood, and birch plywood.
We have the full sized plans for it available, as well as proper canopies.
The plane uses a pair of .40 to .61 size glo engines. Or appropriate gas engines, or can be converted to electric motor power.
Plans show pneumatic and mechanical retract installations. This is a 78 inch wingspan model, when finished.

 Made in USA